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Grupo NDT

The NDT group is the culmination of a business path since 1994, having as main activities the maintenance of the ceramic industry and civil locksmithing.

In 1996 and as a subcontractor widens its horizons by accepting works of metal construction.

From the year 2000 intensifies the activity of the industrial maintenance to the ceramic industry extending also to the food industry.

From 2002 the company took the first steps in the construction and construction of industrial pavilions.

In 2014, motivated by the growth of its areas of operation, it formed the NDT Group, separating the three sectors (maintenance, civil construction and metallic construction).

In 2015, NDT joins a new activity, sensitive and motivated by climate change, to form with another partner a company to commercialize electric vehicles for the tourism industry.

In 2018 NDT creates a research department exclusively for autonomous electric mobility.


– Strive for the excellence of our employees and the services provided to our customers.

– Being a national reference group, always with the vision of expanding our niche market internationally.

– Distinguish ourselves by being a group with the ability and qualification to meet the needs of our customers.

– Develop environmentally sustainable projects


– Commitment to good customer service quality

– Excellence in customer service

Our mission

– Offer solutions that promote the satisfaction of our customers with a focus on service, professionalism, commitment and quality of service.

– Distinction for being a professional group with the ability and qualification to always satisfy customer needs.

Health and environment policy

– Work safely to protect the health and physical integrity of all employees and others involved in our activities.

Quality policy

– Develop products and provide manpower that meets our customers’ needs and expectations.

– Improve the processes and capabilities of our employees.

– Improvement of our quality system


– Development of security plans

Years of experience

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