NDT – Manutenção Industrial S.A.

Welcome to the NDT Group. Since our establishment in 1994, we have been committed to providing a better future for the ceramic industrial maintenance industry. Our mission is to promote the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and innovation within the industry. We believe that by supporting research and education, we can create a more sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective ceramic industry for generations to come. Our foundation invests in research to develop new technologies, materials, and processes that advance the industry. We promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration by supporting conferences, workshops, and training programs that bring together industry professionals from around the world. We believe that the key to a thriving industry is a commitment to continuous educational and research initiatives. Moreover, we believe that the safety and wellness of the individuals working in the industry must be a top priority. Therefore, we support initiatives focused on improving working conditions, reducing occupational hazards, and promoting responsible use of chemicals and materials. We believe that by investing in these initiatives, we can create a sustainable industry that values the well-being of its workers. At the [Ceramic Company Name] foundation, we are committed to advancing the ceramic industrial maintenance industry. We are proud to contribute to a better future for the industry and the communities it serves.